WA's First Choice for Loans Over $1 Million

WA’s first choice for large loans over $1 Million

In the market for a large loan? Bigger loans (particularly over $1 million) can be hard to source, with few financiers willing to offer it. If you’re able to find some options, shaving off as many percentage points of interest is even more important than with a normal sized loan – even a tiny reduction in interest rates can save you big – and vis versa.


The First Choice Loans Difference

Not every mortgage broker can source this type of finance – but at First Choice Loans, we specialise in it. Whether you’re in the market for a large home loan, business loan or otherwise, we can help you.


So whether you’re buying your dream home, launching a new business or you have a business that needs a cash injection, we make applying for and getting loans over $1 million easy.


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