WA's First Choice for Equipment Finance

WA’s first choice for equipment finance

Getting equipment finance for your business can be the catalyst for the next stage of growth – it allows you to purchase the equipment you need to run your business at peak efficiency. Equipment loans can be helpful for any kind of business – from an IT company that needs more computers through to an agricultural enterprise that needs updated heavy machinery.

As with any kind of finance, there is a lot more beneath the surface than just looking for a low interest rate – there a variety of ways that equipment finance can be structured, which is why it’s important to speak with a specialist.



The first Choice Loans Difference

At First Choice Loans we make getting equipment finance easy – we’ll look at all the best equipment loans in the market and match them up with your unique circumstances to find a best fit. We can do any type of equipment financing, from heavy machinery and agricultural equipment through to cars and trucks.



So whether you need equipment finance for a large established business or a small start-up, we make applying for and getting the best equipment finance easy.


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