WA's First Choice for Fixed Mortgages

WA’s first choice for Fixed Mortgages

Getting your hands on a fixed rate mortgage is a great idea for many people who want the security of knowing exactly how much they have to pay in mortgage repayments for the month – it’s certainly easier to budget that way! Another advantage of a fixed rate mortgage is that you could be paying a lot less than the variable interest rate, which when combined with the knowledge that your repayments aren’t going to fluctuate makes for peace of mind all round.


On the flip side, being locked into the one interest rate could potentially mean you fork out a lot more than you need to, so you’d better make sure you do your homework – if you’re going it alone.



The First Choice Loans Difference

Fortunately you don’t need to waste time comparing all the fixed rate home loans by yourself – First Choice Loans can take all the stress and confusion out of getting a fixed home loan by doing the legwork for you.



So whether you’re looking to lock in a low interest rate for the length of your loan, or you just want the security of knowing exactly what your monthly repayments will be, we make applying for and getting the best fixed rate homes loans easy.


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