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Infographic – The 7 Finance Books Everybody Should Read

Want to get a grip on your finances? Check out our infographic – The 7 Finance Books Everybody Should Read – for info on the 7 classic finance books that will give you a serious leg-up on your money management and investing.  

Property Negotiation 101

Haggling over price can be unsettling but with the right approach you’ll be surprised at how much you can shave off the asking price. When the property market is running hot it’s easy to think that meeting the asking price is the only way to seal the deal if you’ve found the property you want. But while some properties may go fast, there’s room for negotiation with others.

Super Saving – 5 Tips to Help You Save For A House Deposit

If your heart is set on the property market its time to set your eyes on your savings. Breaking into the property market without much of a deposit is still achievable for first time buyers but those who chip a decent sum into their property upfront are going to be much better off. While it is possible to purchase a home with less than a 20 per cent deposit.

Better Buying With a Pre Approved Loan

Pre-approved finance gives you an advantage over other buyers who are yet to secure a loan as well as giving you a cast iron budget to work to. Knowing your purchasing power is essential before diving into the property market. Not only will this help refine your property search, it also ensures you can move quickly when you find your ideal property.