WA's First Choice for Low Doc Loans

WA’s first choice for Low Doc Home Loans

If you’re self-employed, you know how hard it is to get finance for a home loan – an irregular income isn’t what a bank wants to see. However, there is an easy solution in the form of the low doc home loan. Getting a low doc loan can be well suited for the self-employed – it’s flexible, fast and less stressful than other financing alternatives.

Though it’s a great solution for business owners, contractors and others who can’t show a steady income or updated tax returns, it’s more than a little confusing to know which one to apply for – the options are many and varied, and picking the wrong one may mean you pay a lot more than you have to.



The First Choice Loans Difference

That’s why getting us to do the legwork is a good idea. We have access to the best low doc loans from all the big name financial lenders and banks – we’ll crunch the numbers, dot the i’s and cross the t’s:



So if you’re self employed with good finances but little paperwork, we can help you apply for and get the best loan for you.


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